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BNI founded in 1985. BNI® is the global business communications and guidance organization. Our members are businessmen and professionals, who are helping each other's businesses growing and believe in fundamental valueof the organization - that always win those who are sharing (Givers Gain®). Thousands of BNI® meetings held every day around the world where business leaders meet for new acquaintance, develop relations with trust and exchange qualitative and warm business recommendations..

BNI Lithuania mission – help for trustworthy business grow by providing additional lucrative orders flow. Membership provides access to unique business development training, allows to develop network of business contacts and exchange recommendations both in Lithuania and around the world. We are glad, that a growing number of businesses in Lithuania used BNI® business development system and shared success stories We believe that cooperation and helping each other BNI® will change how business develops in Lithuania and the world.

BNI Mercury is the first specialized club for companies, which activities are outside Lithuania. Every week we share international recommendations, combine our quests in virtual space. The world is changing. Win who are sharing and changing with time. We believe that we can help each other grow in international space.

Today we are 40+ active, positive, well-minded members club. Do you want to visit us or become a part of it? Visit us at our breakfast on every Friday morning at 7:45 in restaurant "Sala", in Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50, Kaunas

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