Breakfast meetings every Friday

Published: 2018-06-07

Each time we attend a Breakfast meeting we walk away with something of value. BNI Mercury not only share and generate good, quality business leads each week, but also establish a solid referral and business foundation. We make the meetings interesting, fun and educational. You look forward to going to the meetings to catch up with your business “friends” and to get excited about the day and your business prospects. BNI Mercury helps you become a better networker so you can grow your business through referrals. You also make fabulous connections to other businesses that you can trust to refer to your clients, family and friends. While leads and introductions are tracked, it is self-tracking so you can see how your efforts are paying off. BNI Mercury wants all of the leads to be real and not just to create inflated numbers that waste your time and energy. You also learn how to deliver a great 30-second introduction, how to speak confidently in front of others, and how to network. For a business that is not easy to generate leads, we have received many new clients through The Breakfast meetings.

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