UAB "Stiklita" - Rokas Nemeikštis

Activity :Glass products producer


Joint Stock Company “Stiklita” was established in 1995. This is a Company with a private capital. It has been 23 years already that the Company successfully engages in the business. Our Company is well known to Lithuanian consumers. Main activities of the Company:

  • Production of glass and mirror products (glass tables, shelves, commercial equipment, aquariums, shower cabins, glass souvenirs) according to the wholesale orders and retail/individual orders.
  • Production and installation of frameless structures of tempered glass (partitions, glass facades, etc.).
  • Production and installation of other tempered-glass products (sauna doors, glass floors, handrails, staircases).
    Design, production and installation of wardrobes and sliding door systems.  
  • Services of glass processing and decoration.
  • Aluminium doors, windows and other construction.


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