UAB "Esperonus" - Renata Urbonė

Activity :Customized ICT solutions (ERP, CRM on Python, Django)

Web-based  system development company operating since 2003. We design, develop and integrate business efficiency software and customized solutions based on open source technologies: Python, Django, MySQL. Our systems support processes and handle information from first customer e-mail to billing and after-sales support.

We have launched solutions for:
● B2B CRM-ERP for manufacturers or distributors
● ERP for private health clinic management
● ERP for Supermarket (market) operation
● ERP for exhibitions management
● CRM for logistics, including sea cargo logistics


In 2018 launched system for gate automation with e-permissions and vehicle plate number recognition as a service (SaaS in cloud) at


Looking for customers from Europe and partners for solution integrations (parking lots, BLE locators for indoor positioning, servers, deployment consultants) and new business.


smart foreash
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