UAB "Plastiko gaminiai" - Sondra Balčiūnienė

Activity :Swimming pools, hot tubs, tanks, reservoirs from PP


Company “Plastiko gaminiai” (Plastic goods) designs and manufactures custom made products from high quality polypropylene (PP) sheets by welding. All products are light weight, resistant to corrosion, chemicals and UV rays. Easy to maintain and clean. Environmentally friendly, and lightly recyclable.

Swimming pools. Both indoor and outdoor. Inground or above ground. With overflow system or with the skimmer.

Hot tubs/jacuzzi and inserts to old wooden tubs. Suits 2-12 people. With air massage system, LED lights, filtration, wood trimming, cover. Tanks, tubs, basins, containers, reservoirs, fair water tanks. Various shapes, sizes, purposes. For storing or transporting in agriculture (liquid or bulk fertilizers, diesel, biofuel, waste water) and aquaculture (fish farming and breeding industry), galvanizing, pharmaceutical, water cleaning industries.

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