UAB "Gforma" - Tomas Rasburskis

Activity :Stone products for kitchen

Gforma is the leading solid surfaces manufacturing company in the Baltic States. It was established in 2008, since then, it has been constantly expanding. In 2010, Gforma has become a member of the “DuPont™ Corian® Quality Network (certificate number 0891). Also, we closely cooperate with other large manufacturers of solid surface, such as Staron, Hi-Macs, Meganite, Montelli, Avonite, Hanex, and Kerrock. Since 2011, Gforma has expanded its range of activities realising many public projects, took the rnd responsibilities of a General Contractor and successfully implemented aole a multiple complex projects in various European countries, such as Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom etc.

Gforma is fully armed with the latest technology and complemented with highly skilled craftsmen,
Looking for long term partners and customers from all over Europe.


smart foreash
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