UAB "StockM" - Ingrida Naumeckytė-Paulauskienė, BNI Mercury Director assistant

Activity :Inventory and assortment management system
StockM is a company providing inventory and assortment management solutions, that helps you to avoid shortages of working capital, to increase profitability and growth. We have been working in the market since 2008 year and already implemented StockM system for more than 100 customers in Lithuania and abroad. StockM works with wholesalers, companies managing retail chains from 1 to several hundred stores and producers. 
Assortment and inventory management system StockM helps customers to work more efficiently and it fits for everyone who wants to improve the speed and quality of their decision-making, wants to grow qualitatively, expand and have more working capital, to be more profitable. We are solving 3 main problems:
1. Lost sales.
2. Over stock.
3. Human dependence.
Saving customers money and time!
StockM system is designed to change your work, from „do“ to „manage“. The system always collects data about the movement of products (uses your accounting program data) and automatically forms orders, reports, recommendations, analytical information and gives warnings about all errors. Users of StockM select their actions – to send orders automatically or edit orders, if it is necessary. The system provides all necessary reports, shows real situation and help to understand the reasons of changes.


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