UAB "Kloteksa"- Lina Binevičienė

Activity :Coats and other outerwear for export
UAB “Kolteksa” - supplier of coats, semi coats, raincoats and other outerwear for European clothes fashion brands.
We don’t have our own label. We develop customers idea and turn it to a real coat based on this idea.
We work as a production department of our customer and provide such services: patterns, gradation, samples, salesman samples , purchase of materials, accessories and preparation of production, production supervising and quality control, transport and logistic.
Our direction is Eco-friendly and sustainable product.
Customers idea- our knowledge, skills and experience!


Right now we are looking for Retailers in Clothes & Fashion sector interested in new supplier of coats or other outerwear and wishing to buy items 300 pcs/style and more.
smart foreash
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