UAB "Kloteksa"- Lina Binevičienė

Activity :Coats and other outerwear for export
UAB “Kolteksa” - supplier of coats, semi coats, raincoats and other outerwear for European clothes fashion brands. We develop customers idea and turn it to a real coat based on this idea.

We work as a production department of our customer and provide such services: patterns, gradation, samples, salesman samples , purchase of materials, accessories and preparation of production, production supervising and quality control, transport and logistic.
Our direction is transparency also  Eco-friendly and sustainable product.
Customers idea- our knowledge, skills and experience!
We are looking for Retailers in Clothes & Fashion sector interested in new supplier of coats or other outerwear and wishing to buy items 200 pcs/style and more.
Right now we have opened our private label of ladies outerwear Aš (see logo below) so we are much interested in cooperaton with boutiques or retailers who are interested in importing our private label clothes.
smart foreash
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