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Activity :Smart portable smoothie blender
millo is the world’s smartest blender: a unique patented and powerful Magnetic Air Drive, engineering adapted from cutting edge drone tech, an innovative suite of sensors and settings designed to deliver the perfect smoothie every time, and a specially designed app that allows you to add functionality to the blender via regular firmware updates. 
But at its heart, millo is all about healthy living. 
millo has already attracted media attention and awards, with Mashable commenting; “If Apple made a blender, this would be it.”  Millo scooped awards in 2019 at both IFA Berlin and SKS Seattle, and is ranked in the Foodtech 500. Meanwhile, it’s minimalist design has also attracted international recognition, with Millo winning Gold at the A’Design awards and Platinum at the Muse Design awards.  
What makes the millo blender special?
millo is able to blend two innovations into one - because of its compact Magnetic Air Drive it is smaller, making it more portable and easier to use on a daily basis, and the firmware housed in its base makes it the smarter blender around. 
What makes millo really special is the cutting edge tech that powers it - Millo utilises brushless motor technology that was first developed for drones -  the first time such technology has been used in a household appliance
The fact that its blades are housed in the blending cup also makes millo easier to clean. And because the blades are not connected to the base, the entire blender can be separated into two easily packed pieces for added portability. What is more, with a universal Type C USB port that is chargeable in 2 hours, millo can be used anywhere. And because millo comes with a three level security system that integrates mechanical and electrical safety features, it is safe enough to be used by children. 

The team behind millo also understands that it is not enough for the drive technology and exterior design to be first class, the blender also has to be smartMillo is equipped with sensors that can detect and adjust the consistency of the mix to create the perfect smoothie. Not only that, the blender will automatically stop when that consistency has been reached. The blender itself, meanwhile, can be triggered by touching anywhere on the base, or from the special millo app. And speaking of the millo app - via regular updates customers will be able to add enhanced functionality to their millo, meaning that the millo will get smarter with each update.
Millo is about the future, it’s not only about giving you the convenience and tech you need to maintain that smart, healthy diet you are always promising yourself. It’s about creating something beautiful that will blend beautifully into the kind of kitchen that will take care of you, instead of you having to take care of it. The reviews we have been receiving have inspired us to push forward in our vision of re-inventing the kitchen, and we can’t wait to give customers all over the world the chance to experience millo. 
Aivaras Bakanas 
Co-Founder / Chief Commercial Officer
+370 618 37507 (Europe)
+1 386 868 0688 (USA)
UAB “Millo Appliances”
Mokyklos str. 36, Bukiskis, LT-14182, Vilnius, Lithuania
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