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Activity :Smoothie Maker
 „MilloAppliances“started in 2017 as startup, which created the first blender ever to adapt to your lifestyle with its fast and silent user experience housed in a minimal design. Millo's Air Drive system uses magnets to deliver power to the blade. 
This eliminates the most common noise sources in usual blenders - the old fashioned motors and rattling blade connectors.
With Millo's Smart Lid you can just rinse and go in seconds.Smart Touch makes Millo extremely easy to use. With Millo’s mobile app, you will be able to automatically track the smoothies you make and transfer the nutrition data to the nutrition app you already use - it’s your free choice! All this results in a product that is silent, easy to clean, well designed and smart.
We did Kickstarter campaign in 2017 and successfully got backers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and Great Britain, but not limited to and even countries like Hong-Kong, India, Japan, United Arab Emirates were also considerably active during the campaign. In total 30 days the initial goal was reached, and 90 000 euros initial target was gathered from pre-orders.
Millo Appliances has the patent issued by Lithuanian patent bureau encompasses not only the unique functionalities of Millo, but also any other devices using the same principle of magnetic clutch: ice crushers, food processors, blenders or other devices which use rotating blades or mixing elements. This means that the team of Millo is likely to surprise you with new inventions in the future.Pluswe havethe patent for Millo blender design by the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
Aivaras Bakanas 
Co-Founder / Chief Commercial Officer
+370 618 37507 (Europe)
+1 386 868 0688 (USA)
UAB “Millo Appliances”
Mokslininkų str. 6c, LT-08412, Vilnius, Lithuania




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