Dominique, Belgium

Publikuota: 2018-06-20
       When has an introduction proved to be valuable? When have you felt “used” through an introduction? Introductions must be beneficiary for both parties. All parties should be happy.
       It’s never too early or too late to build a valuable network. What is your goal in building a network? If your goal is to get something for yourself, you’ll work hard and create virtually no goodwill. “Effective networking happens when you never lose sight of your most important connections, and constantly seek where you can be of service to them.” When you serve others, they quickly see where you can be helpful. Excellent networking is in the first place ‘giving, sharing’. Not taking ! Give fully, and things will come back. Be patient, invest in your network, cherish each contact. When you serve others, they quickly see where you can be helpful.
      So , when i met Raminta for the first time , we ‘shared’ in a spontaneous and natural way. Afterwards I was introduced in the BNI International Chapter, and made already my first business meetings in Lithuania… All this in short time of a couple of months.
      Want to know more about strong networking and how to give, build, share ?
Let me know… At your service, 24/7.
Dominique Demeulemeester – Mentor for growth.
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