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Veikla:Digitisation of Business Processes. Deployment of web-based ICT solution e-Zonus (ERP, CRM on Python, Django)
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Web-based system development company operating since 2003. We design, develop and integrate business efficiency software and customized solutions based on open source technologies: Python, Django, MySQL.

Software solution e-Zonus is developed in-house and is a modular ERP system that digitizes processes from the first inquiry, quotation automation, and processes it further to order confirmation, supply handling, warehouse handling, production, billing, packaging, shipping and after-sales support.

We have launched solutions for:
● B2B CRM-ERP for manufacturers, traders or distributors
● ERP for private health clinic management
● ERP for Supermarket (market) operation
● ERP for exhibitions management
● CRM for logistics, including sea cargo logistics


Systems integrates with different accounting software solutions, barcode scanners, specialized mobile apps for field force management. System supports multilingual interfaces and templates (commercial offers, invoices, loading, etc.).
You plan your business growth, we analyse, convert to requirements and implement.


Looking for growing, exporting businesses that still handle their operations with Excel spreadsheets and wish to have a centralized system with all real-time data accessible via web.
Looking for Customers from Europe and partners for solution integrations and deployment consultants.


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