Velvet woods - Ingrida Naumeckytė-Paulauskienė, BNI Mercury Director assistant

Veikla:Transparent pavilions
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We are all pleased to enjoy the beauty surrounding us. Even better, if we can do it without interrupting anyone and drinking our favorite beverage. What if you can do it in your favorite place in the city or nature? Our product has been designed to maintain maximum comfort without compromising the benefits of the appliance.

It can be used in Cofer places, hotels, night clubs to enjoy riverside, seaside or mountain area:

· Spring and fall is a fantastic time of the season. Make the summer season longer. If you are looking for sun-tastic spot to sip cocktails and chill in the city, garden, mountain or other stunning place in this planet, then look no further than our transparent pavilions;
· Create a private spot in public ( individual speakers mean you can hear your own music while you relax and sip your drink and enjoy your meal);
· Protection from wind, humidity, snow or rain;
· The terrace could be splashed full of bright bold colors, green plants (depends on your disign). Knockout views of the iconic city skyline, seaside, riverside, mountain masterpieces. Terrace make this the ideal spot for sundowners;
· With sliding doors to let in the sunshine for optimum tanning time;
· It‘s a great spot to head for dinner for couples or club together for a bigger company;
· Pavilion is 3,4 m width inside and easy can fit for 8 persons around the table;
· When it‘s not warm enough, you can use infra red heater inside;
· Perfect for mountain area to discover masterpiece of the nature around within you, enjoy the drink with a book or good company;
· Can also be used to get calm sleep in the garden. 


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