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Tasker - market leader in field service management solutions in Lithuania. Tasker is the easiest and most simple way to deliver and manage tasks or jobs for your remotely working employees.

How it works? Short video introduction is here:
When Tasker can help you:
  •   If you need to save costs;
  •   If you want to manage your on field working team more efficient;
  •   If you think that your remotely working team should create sales opportunities for your sales team;
  •   If you wondering how and where your team is wasting time;
  •   If you willing to find the way to avoid situation when documents are lost, unsigned or unreadable;
  •   If you believe that nowadays paper and pen looks good in museum, but not in your every day business process;
  •   If you need to have all history of clients or their objects with pictures, notes, used materials, completed jobs and documents in one place and to reach it with few clicks;
  •   If you want to have more satisfied clients and actually measure their satisfaction without outsourcing such services;
  •   If you think that reliable companies are more successful;
  •   If you see advantages to have clear workflow;
  •   If you think that it's important to have happy and satisfied employees.
So if your company facing any of the above mentioned "if" - we are here to help you immediately. And immediately means now, today. No need to create new system or long installation. You can try our solution right now and absolutely for free on We are offering 3 license for free for unlimited time! Just create your account on and download tasker app from Google Play Store.
Tasker is bringing most effort for:
  • Security companies
  • Agriculture, city and airport and others heavy machinery services
  • Cleaning companies
  • Building owners and administrators
  • AC, heating and ventilation installers
  • Vending companies
  • Internet providers
  • All companies that are providing services in clients offices or territory.
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