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Veikla:We help webshops succeed abroad
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 MakesYouLocal is made up of a team of skilled e-commerce specialists, focusing on helping e-commerce businesses succeed abroad.

We help businesses with the initial strategic decisions and localisation of their online shops, to make sure they meet expectations in the new country.
Once the online shop is launched, our local teams are an important part of the daily operations for our customers. We can take care of customer service and shop maintenance in local languages as well as business development, marketing planning and execution.
MakesYouLocal was established in 2010. The idea came from more than 10 years of work in leading Danish online shops selling in several countries.
The company is owned by Ingrid Riis Karlsen, Max Riis Christensen and Søren Kjær Nielsen. In 2013 we established new offices in the Nordic countries and in 2015 an office was established in Lithuania, from where we serve the Baltic countries. Today, MakesYouLocal employs native e-commerce specialists from all the Nordic and Baltic countries.
MakesYouLocal is also part of the Salesupply network, which gives our customers access to the same competences in the rest of the EU and USA.
How We Work
We see the success of our customers in new markets as a prerequisite for our success. It is therefore important for us to work closely with our customers during the localisation process and after launch, where the daily tasks are in focus.
When working with our customers we are able to share the lessons we learn on their behalf and together improve their market proposition, online shop and the surrounding processes. This leads to growth and better results.
Our goal is to be an alternative to building up an internal team by providing competences within customer service, legislation and marketing for each country. An internal team will be expensive to have and difficult to utilise. Instead, we give you the right e-commerce specialists only a call or an e-mail away, and can help you for as long (or as briefly) as you need us.
To find out more, give us a call or read more on this website or on our blog.
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