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My Land LT


        Thousands EUR worth of business given to Lithuanian BNI Mercury chapter members, and tremendous growth of my business and self, constitutes a part of my incredible BNI success story. But I’ll start by telling you my BNI story with another story. Just to build some context.
        A good friend of mine would introduce me to Business Network International (BNI). How can I sum up my first BNI meeting? – Everything spectacular. Everything impressive! I had never seen people so organized and so passionate about their businesses. Masters of their trade. Those men and women spoke fluently and articulately about their businesses. Their confidence so exceptional and a little intimidating. Online meetings, online visitors, International referrals, Global thinking. What could me expect more?
        How are they doing it? How did they get to this point? My curious and inquisitive mind went on and on. I wanted this. I wanted to be like them. But do I have what it takes? Ladies and gentlemen, this is where I got to be formally introduced to the concept that is business networking. Right there and then, curiosity and an insatiable interest to learn more about networking struck. I took a keen interest to discover what it was all about, and most importantly how to apply it in my own business. It was my first step of the 1,000 mile journey of understanding business networking!
       I enthusiastically began reading about networking. I remember bumping into Kiyosaki’s quote – “The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work”
        It gradually began making sense. So I’ve been doing it all wrong all the while? My business world view was literally on rebranding mode. I wondered why it had taken so long for me to learn this new, genius, and unique approach of doing business. I was thrilled by the fact that my business could do much better than it was.
        The journey of learning took a long winding path. Still does, but worth the while. I was lucky it actually took me a month to get my first business from BNI.  During the 1st online meeting, a guest from Poland, who was logged in remotely, showed interest of  MY LAND LT company's products. Within 2 weeks, he helped us to enter the Polish market and we made a contract with a company, that is now our representative in Poland and we working constantly as long time partners.
        At the moment, the same online contact helps us to find a representative of our products in the Swedish market. So Sweden, here we come!
        In hindsight I’m glad for all the challenges I encountered along the path. I am what I am today because of them.


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